Social Media Content Work:

Hamirpaha/ Spell

For Hamirpaha, our animated video showcases Spell, a pill crafted from natural ingredients, rooted in an ancient recipe, aimed at natural body cleansing, and enhancing digestive relief.

Liberkey/ don’t miss your chance.

Liberkey’s animated video captures the essence of smart investing, illustrating the analogy of seizing the moment and not missing your chance to capitalize on opportunities.

Liberkey/ DIY

Liberkey’s animated video highlights the importance of relying on professionals for investment decisions, emphasizing the pivotal choice to seek expert guidance instead of opting for a DIY approach in managing your money.

Empire Expediting/ Portal

For Empire Expediting Portal, our animated video succinctly highlights the unique and innovative advantages of their portal, designed to streamline and enhance client experiences.

Promotional videos


Compelling promotional animated video for Gratitwood Carpentry, narrating their unique story as a family-owned business. Our video showcases their expertise in high-quality woodwork, with special attention to detail, fostering a distinctive brand identity.

Congregation Ariel

For Congregation Ariel, our animated video designed for their annual fundraising not only achieved over 100% success but also serves as a powerful promotional tool on their website, eloquently narrating the unique story of this special community.

Street cats reveal

Our animated short promotional video for StreetCats, unveiling their NFT collection, offers an enticing preview leading up to the grand reveal, captivating audiences and building anticipation for this unique and innovative creation.


For JF&CS, our promotional video serves as an inviting call for community participation and support, urging donations and involvement to aid the organization’s diverse activities, while also extending a warm welcome to those seeking assistance.

Explainer Animated Videos

Beilinson Hospital/ Hygiene

In our animated video for Hospital Beilinson in Israel, we clarify the critical significance ofmaintaining stringent hygiene practices to prevent infections, emphasizing the hospital’scommitment to patient well-being and safety through clear and engaging visuals.

Technion University/ Autonomous vehic le

The research unit of autonomous vehicles at Technion University in Israel requested a clear andsimple animated video highlighting the spatial advantages of autonomous cars in the nearfuture.

Raphael/ Iron dome

Rafael, an Israeli military tech company, needs an animated video for children to reduce anxietyand build confidence during missile launches.

Rav Kav/ New app

An Israeli company,Rav Kav has developed an easy-to-use payment system for publictransport in Israel. They have created an animated promotional video to clearly explain how theapp and system work.

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