Welcome to

Snap Animation Studio,

where creativity meets integrity, and every animation tells a story.
 Founded in the heart of Israel in 2021 by Shmuli and Hana Landesman, we’re not just a studio;
 we’re a family on a mission to bring your messages to life with character and charm.

Our journey

Our story began during the COVID-19 pandemic. With the world in lockdown, we, Shmuli and Hana, took a leap of faith. Combining Shmuli’s artistic vision and years of experience with Hanna’s strategic acumen and management skills, Snap Animation was born. We packed our belongings and set off on a journey to travel the world, manage our young business online and homeschool our two boys. Embracing challenges as opportunities for growth. Our journey has taught us resilience, creativity, and laughter – values that are at the core of everything we do.

In pursuit of new horizons, we recently moved our lives and our studio to Atlanta, GA, bringing a blend of Israeli innovation and global experience to the American market. Our partnership thrives on a shared passion for storytelling, enriched by humor and a commitment to integrity. These values not only define our personal lives but are also the foundation of Snap Animation.

Meet the founders

Shmuli Landesman - Co-Founder & Creative Director

With over 15 years of experience in animation, design, and digital art, Shmuli is the visionary behind our projects. His passion for storytelling drives our studio to create animations that engage, inspire, and resonate.

Hana Landesman - Co-Founder & Business Development

Hana, our CEO, spearheads our business strategy, client relations, and marketing. Her unwavering commitment to excellence and client satisfaction ensures that every project not only meets but exceeds expectations.

Our core values that drive us


Innovative solutions are at the heart of our problem-solving approach.

Quality First

Attention to detail and excellence is our non-negotiable.


We believe in the power of laughter as a universal language.


 We prioritize what's best for our clients, always.


Our work is fueled by a deep love for what we do.

Our Mission

To connect viewers with relatable,
humorous daily situations through creative storytelling and animation

Our Niche

“Your Message With Character”-
We specialize in bringing your vision to life with a unique blend of humor, creativity, and cultural insight.

Why choose us?

We’re here for the visionaries – CMOs, content creators, and marketing leaders in Georgia and beyond, looking to make an impact. With Snap Animation, your message isn’t just animated; it’s brought to life with character, quality, and a creative touch that resonates.

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